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Empowering financial freedom by delivering personalized, innovative, and trustworthy advice for a thriving future.



Our Story

Aduna Capital provides investment management services in which clients grant our firm the ability to utilize discretion in managing the Client’s investment account. Specifically, the client grants our firm full power to direct, manage, and change the investment and reinvestment of the assets in the account, the proceeds and any additions. Our authority over the client’s investments includes discretionary authority to purchase and sell securities for the client’s account, to submit aggregated trade orders for the client and others in order to obtain best execution, and to give instructions concerning these transactions to the qualified custodian with which the client’s account(s) are held. We are not required to first consult with the client before placing any specific order or obtain specific authorization from the client for each specific transaction. Aduna Capital receives discretionary authority from our clients through our Investment Management Agreement at the outset of our advisory relationship. We generally do not manage accounts on a non-discretionary basis.

Who We Are

Aduna Capital is a newly established investment adviser with 4.2 Million in assets under management. Clients may request more current information at any time by contacting our firm.

Aduna Capital provides investment management services to our clients. In connection with our investment management services, Aduna Capital provides advice with respect to a broad range of asset classes, including equities (common stocks and equivalents), mutual funds, exchange traded funds, fixed income instruments, and options. Our advice is generally limited to these types of investments, but we reserve the right to advise or not advise our clients on certain investments should we deem it appropriate based on their particular circumstances

Our Vision

At Aduna Capital, our vision is to redefine financial advisory services by seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology, personalized expertise, and ethical practices. We are committed to empowering individuals and businesses to achieve their financial goals by offering innovative, data-driven solutions, and fostering a collaborative environment. Through education and transparency, we aspire to be the trusted partner in our clients' journey toward financial growth and well-being, while remaining vigilant to sustainable practices and social responsibility.

About Us




Financial Advisory Firm

Provides Investment management services to our Clients / Members

Provides Investment management services to Independent Investment Advisors 

Investment Management Services

No Performance Based Fees

Assets Based fee 1.5% to 2%

Quarterly asset based fee

Reserves Right to negotiate fee with client

What We Offer

Tax-Loss Harvesting

We utilize various methods to reduce or offset short term capital gain tax liabilities before the end of the year. We plan ahead before starting any strategy in order to avoid common errors in tax loss harvesting.

No Opening Deposit Account Minimums

No investment deposit account minimums

$50 Monthly Deposit Minimum 

Account Types

Individual Investment Account

Trust Investment Accounts

Individual Retirement Accounts

Taxable Accounts

Traditional IRA Account

Roth IRA Account


Joint Taxable Accounts

And more Investment Accounts



Deep Industry Knowledge

In order to make the best investment decisions, it's important to have an understanding of what is going on in the financial markets. We are experts in identifying and analyzing the direction of financial markets. We also have the expertise to help you make informed decisions on investments.

Years of Experience

We have invested more than 100 combined years of our careers in building a wealth of experience. This unique combination of skills has helped us design a personalized investment style that fits each client’s unique experience, skills, and needs.

In-house Research Teams

Our team is constantly monitoring the financial markets, so you can make informed decisions when it matters most. You can sleep tight, safe in the knowledge that your portfolio is being reviewed. Our team looks at the financial markets 24 hours a day to make recommendations when you need us.

Why Us



Our Address

12838 Rosecrans Ave

Norwalk, California, 90650

United States

Our Phone No.

Provided In Person

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24/7 Support

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Easy Returns

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